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We’re a team of structural and hydrodynamic engineers who LOVE Engineering AND Programming. 
Do you need Engineering Services or do you need help with Automating your Engineering?

Engineering Services
Automation of Engineering

Engineering services

We offer analysis services for the majority of the blue economy:
-Offshore renewables

-Offshore O&G

-Offshore aquaculture

-Coastal infrastructure

-Marine operations 

Feasibility studies

From a napkin drawing to your final design. We do all analysis in between!


Non-Linear Structural Analysis

We perform advanced nonlinear simulations for a range of applications such as buckling, ship collisions, wave slamming and dropped objects. The accuracy of such simulations is ensured by use of advanced material modelling and verified strain-state dependent fracture criteria combined with extensive experience in scientific use of nonlinear simulations.
We are expert users of LS-DYNA and a large number of other FEM programs.


Marine operations

We offer marine operation analysis for the majority of marine operations: 
- Flexibles and cable lay operations 

- Lifting operations 

- Pull-in

- Mooring installation

Making analysis results understandable and usable with the use of intuitive dashboards and well structured reports.

We are expert users of Orcaflex, Orca Wave and WAMIT 

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Advanced hydrodynamic calculations

Using Orcaflex, WAMIT, RHINO, Fortran and python and our inhouse expertise we are able to solve many advanced hydrodynamic and hydroelastic challenges


Engineering Automation

Simplify your  day to day work


Analysis workflow system


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