Engineering + Programming

Entail was founded by four skilled engineers with complementary personalities and a strong professional drive. We saw that we made a good team and that we, together, were able to challenge the status-quo of engineering analysis.

We use engineering to drive innovation within our areas of expertise. But more importantly we see large gains in innovating the way the engineering is performed. Using cloud-computing, automation and data science approaches we’re able to greatly increase the quality and efficiency of engineering analysis. This makes us a key-player in projects related to design, development, and innovation in the ocean space.


Arnt Gunvald Fredriksen

Hydrodynamic Engineering Specialist, Ph.D

Audun Gravdal Johansen

Structural Engineering Specialist, M.Sc.

Bernt Sørby

Hydrodynamic Engineering Specialist, M.Sc.

Kaja Steffensen Bremer

Hydrodyamic Engineer, M.Sc.


Mads Fredrik Heiervang

Hydrodynamic Engineering Specialist, M.Sc.

Martin Storheim

Structural Engineering Specialist, Ph.D.

Pål Grøthe Sandnes

Hydrodynamic Engineering Specialist, M.Sc.

Stefan Bøyum Schlömilch

Hydrodynamic Engineering Specialist, M.Sc.